Areas of speciality

Gamified academics

Nearly everything we do is presented as a game, challenge or competition (including academics). Kids work in teams during various activities throughout each day to stimulate creativity, comradery, discipline and collaboration. We promote a fun, exciting and stimulating learning experience to ensure for maximum engagement from all our students. 

Intentional character development

Our learning program is skillfully designed and our tutors are trained to promote strong character development. We use a variety of disciplines each day to promote and practice awareness of our bodies, minds and emotions as we strive consciously towards wellness and virtuous living.

Superior STEM program

TrueGuide boasts a truly progressive STEM program introducing students to a wide variety of industry standard software and websites. Computer Literacy, professional typing, 3D modeling, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Coding, Robotics, Game Development and more are all included in your child's education at TrueGuide. Students learn exceptional research skills using Google Class & G-Suite.

Exceptional Ecology program

Being situated adjacent to the Kloofendal Nature Reserves allows us to do weekly hikes, ecological field studies and regular community service. In addition to this, all our students attend a bimonthly Ecological tour presented by trained field guides. 

Child friendliness and positive discipline

No demerits, no taking away breaks and no screaming teachers. We absolutely pride ourselves on implementing true positive discipline strategies to ensure that our students feel motivated and inspired to participate as apposed to being forced into activity and hating it. Our staff are skilfully mentored to always be friendly and available to students who need a little extra care. 

Specialized support

We are seeing exceptional results with various students who are experiencing specific challenges to learning or social emotional growth by incorporating tailor made solutions to support children with various needs. We ensure that time is set aside where needed to deal with specific developmental ability in a small group setting.    


Opening hours: 6:30am - 6pm

Class times: Between 8am and 2pm

Grades: RR - 12

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