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Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein, the Wright brothers; they started somewhere. They picked up an instrument, dropped out of school, had too much time on their hands or spoke funny. Something happened, and the world was changed forever. 

One can only imagine how many adults and teachers told them to sit still, stop making so much noise, quit daydreaming, keep quiet, and stop talking like that.  

The word education is derived from the Latin root ‘Educe’, which means to draw forth or bring out. Every kid has potential, every kid has energy and every kid is good at, or is into something. What would happen if, instead of telling them to cut it out, we told them to flapping go for it! Imagine finding what you love and then having a skilled guide hone your skills, build your character and help get you into that career.   

Having worked at schools for many years, we’re certainly not a place cramming facts into short term memory for good test scores - we get the grades you need without doing that. There is nothing standardized about us. Here, each child is themself; and as parent, guide and scholar, we bring out passion for participating, learning, doing, creating and exploring - preparing for successful tertiary study and beyond. 

Imagine education which truly fosters and inspires creativity!

TrueGuide kids dream bigger and do more!


Opening hours: 6:30am - 6pm

Class times: Between 8am and 2pm

Grades: RR - 12

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