Boutique Cottage School & Learning Center

Learning center, homeschool, cottage school, activity center, Roodepoort, West Rand, Johannesburg, JHB

Welcome to our learning center! We'd like to take you on a quick tour of our boutique cottage school. We have a lot of fun in here, doing gamified academics, enrichment, STEM, extracurriculars, practicals and excursions!

"TrueGuide learning center is in a league of it's own. Having an unmistakable life changing impact on the parents and kids and slowly changing the face of education as we know it. This is the only school I know of where kids actually cry to go to school. Love it!" 

Tanya Kayembe

"TrueGuide is such an exceptional home school support center. My boys are LOVING school and we're amazed at what they learn. They've grown so much emotionally; their self-esteem is finally where it should be and their academics is above what is expected for their." 

Ilona müller

"Our boys have been flourishing. The freedom to explore, grow and build character is rewarding on so many levels. TrueGuide is so sportive and cultivate a positive environment for each child. I recommend them to everyone I come in contact with."

Antionette Oosthuizen

Learning center, homeschool, cottage school, activity center, Roodepoort, West Rand, Johannesburg, JHB


Our students use Think Digital Academy, an award winning virtual school offering British International, South African (CAPS) and United States (GED) curricula. 

Students progress at their own pace aided by our friendly staff with one-on-one teaching, extra classes on Wednesdays & Fridays and expert intervention as needed to ensure for excellent academic results.

In addition to Think Digital, we provide all students with curriculum aligned small group tutoring and all learning materials for English (Comprehension, Spelling & Grammar, Creative Writing), Afrikaans (Begripslees, Skrif, Spelling & taal) and Math (Pract-Math, Core Math, mental Math, multiplication) at no cost to the parent.

Award winning grade level appropriate applications and websites are also used daily to practice, develop and internalize learning.

Learning center, homeschool, cottage school, activity center


We believe that kids learn by doing. And even more so in a rich and stimulating environment, built for kids. TrueGuide students brainstorm, investigate, experiment, innovate, design, build, sketch, test, record and report daily. We spend the last 2 hours of each day doing STEM and projects to develop real world skills and knowledge by applying everything we learn - hands on!

Our students also innovate using industry standard software applications for Computer Literacy, professional typing, 3D modeling, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Coding, Robotics, Game Development and more.

Learning center, homeschool, cottage school, activity center


As an institution which values individual creativity and freedom of expression, our kids actively explore a wide variety of extracurricular activity including Fitness, Dance, Choreography, Ballgames, Combat fitness, Karate, Zumba, Checkers, Chess, Entrepreneurship, Science, Fencing, Acting, Arts, Sign language, Public speaking, Debate, Fashion Design, Cooking & baking, weekly hiking, community service and more. Our curriculum is flexible, allowing parents to add additional activity for improvement in any field of study. 

Learning center, homeschool, cottage school, activity center, Roodepoort, West Rand, Johannesburg, JHB


Opening hours: 6:30am - 6pm

Class times: Between 8am and 2pm

Grades: RR - 7

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